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[MARK&LONA] Gauge Camo Stand Bag [GREEN] (MLS-3A-SC01)

Sale price¥110,000

The "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP" stand-type caddy bag is a major upgrade to the classic camo jacquard series.

The mouth frame is the mainstream size of Type 9 (fits 47-inch clubs), and has 6 compartments to accommodate a full set.

There is a small item pocket on the front that can be opened and closed easily with a magnet, and an open pocket on the lower front side that is large enough to hold a 500ml PET bottle and has cooling and heating functions.

All metal parts of the strap trap are equipped with covers to prevent entanglement, ensuring safety.

The handle located at the bottom front is integrated into the pocket, and being built-in gives the bag a sharper, more sophisticated look.

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Approx. 3.9kg


Type 9

[Compatible clubs]

47 inches

[Mouth frame]

6 divisions


Body: 100% nylon

Separate polyurethane

Inner: Nylon


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[MARK&LONA] Gauge Camo Stand Bag [GREEN] (MLS-3A-SC01)
[MARK&LONA] Gauge Camo Stand Bag [GREEN] (MLS-3A-SC01) Sale price¥110,000