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Article: The Colony website is finally launched!

Colony Blog

The Colony website is finally launched!

The annual Colony Final Cup in Okinawa was held on November 9th last year at Kise Country Club.

Approximately 70 golfers from inside and outside the prefecture gathered at the prestigious Kise Country Club and enjoyed a fun round in summer-like weather.

The day before, we started with our customary sunset barbecue party on the terrace! On the day, we were blessed with good weather, with a summer-like temperature of 27°C, but with a pleasant autumn breeze, it was the perfect day for golf.

COLONY was founded in Miyakojima, Okinawa in 1996 with the concept of resort, athlete and stylish golf .

In a sport without uniforms and with a free style, how can we have fun while respecting the dress code? We are still pursuing a unique style that is unlike any other.

Golf is fun! It's always exciting! I always want to express my own style of coolness! We started this site to help golfers like you.

All of our staff will continue to work hard to provide you with an even more enjoyable golf style!

Please look forward to future COLONY releases!

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