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Article: Yellow Lobster's cool ultra-lightweight caddy bag

Yellow Lobsterのイケてる超軽量キャディバッグ
Colony Blog

Yellow Lobster's cool ultra-lightweight caddy bag

It will finally be released in early February!
This caddy bag is pretty cool!
The colors are California Navy, California Red, and California Green.

[ California Navy ]

[California Green ]

Price: ¥48,000 (excluding tax)

The front right side pocket and front pocket can be removed, allowing you to attach your name embroidery or your favorite patches, and there is also storage space on both sides and three places on the front, so you won't feel stressed.

Above all, you'll be surprised at how light it is!
You can also match it with the same color head cover!
Another attractive feature is that you can fully enjoy color coordination!

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Colony Blog

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