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In keeping with the collection's title, "MILITARIA," the font and design are finished with Native American details, and the graphics are embroidered for a luxurious look. This is an easy-to-wear, sporty parka that exudes a sophisticated vintage feel when styled.

Not military, but militaria! This collection infuses the spirit of Mexico into military style details. The yellow accents create contrast, making this an easy-to-use earth color collection that has the masculinity unique to military wear without looking unfashionable.

[BANKS JOURNAL 22' FALL Collection]
This collection is inspired by 1960s contemporary art, known as "mid-century," and the Japanese philosophy of "wabi-sabi," and is a fusion of the two. The collection is made with an emphasis on the playfulness (looseness) of mature adults, with an awareness of details that show "elegance" and "appearance" in simple designs, and contrasts between fabrics, silhouettes, designs, and textures in each item.




Body: Cotton 80%
 Polyester: 20%

Cotton: 95%
 Polyester: 5%


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[BANKS JOURNAL] WALNUT SUNTREAD HOODIE [WALNUT] (AFL0354) Sale price¥9,856 Regular price¥14,080