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[yellow lobster] Caddy bag available in 5 colors (YL-CBSK001)

Sale price¥60,500

"The Californian Golf Life Style"

This style of caddy bag was created to meet the needs of laid-back California golfers.

It is a lightweight and compact stand type with a four-point shoulder strap, so you can play on foot, use a pull cart or cart, or store it in your car, and it can be used comfortably at the driving range.

It comes in three colors, and the colors of the fine trim and original parts have been carefully selected.

The design and layout of the original patches have been exquisitely chosen to match each color.

Each one is finished with colors and detailed designs that will lift the spirits of the user, and by matching it with a head cover from the same brand, you can enjoy color coordination like fashion.

The lids on the front and side pockets can be removed with a zipper, allowing customers to print or embroider names on them.

*The manufacturer does not provide customization services such as embroidery or printing.

We hope that customers who are lucky enough to acquire a Yellow Loster caddy bag will use it for a long time.
We will continue to provide products that will please everyone, so we appreciate your continued support.

So, please continue to enjoy a happy and stylish golf life!


California Green, California Navy, California Red, California Black, California White


8 inch diameter (4-section)

47 inch compatible

 Weight: 2.3kg


Oxford, 100% polyester


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