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[yellow lobster] Desert Camo DR head cover

Sale price¥16,500

Oceanside, Orange County, Southern California (the town next to San Clemente where YL designer lives) is home to a US military base camp called Camp Pendleton. Many military personnel and those connected to the military live in the surrounding area and enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, surfing, football, and camping.

This camouflage head cover series was born from inspiration in the environment.

Made from thick nylon twill material, it comes in two colors: "desert camo," which evokes the image of deserts and dead vegetation, and "woodland camo," which evokes the image of forests.

There are three models: the "T-Street" 1W for drivers, the "The Point" FW for fairway woods, and the "Trestles" UT for utilities.

Each piece is handmade in our San Clemente, Orange County factory.

Whether you're attacking the course aggressively or quietly and meticulously like a soldier, we hope this camouflage headcover will lend you a loving hand.


Body: 100% nylon

Lining/Rib: 100% polyester


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Color:Pants On
[yellow lobster] Desert Camo DR head cover
[yellow lobster] Desert Camo DR head cover Sale price¥16,500