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[yellow lobster] GREAT-NYLON TWILL FW head cover

Sale price¥18,700

Great-Nylon Twill
Great Nylon Twill
The nylon head cover "T-Street," which is the roots of Yellow Lobster, has been renewed using a firmer great nylon twill material, and its water-repellent finish and back coating have improved its waterproofing.

With new patches and additional colors, the headcover has a fresh, sporty color scheme.
This allows the colors to stand out against the green of the golf course, creating a lively, sporty feel.
You can also enjoy a military or outdoor natural feeling with earthy colors, or go for a cool monotone look, and create a variety of unique coordinations by combining different types of patches and 1W, FW, and UT styles.

We hope you choose the style that suits you best and enjoy your golfing life.
You can create tens of thousands of different original head covers, including different types of patches and combinations of 1W, FW, and UT.
For fairway woods (FW)

Equipped with a "dial patch" that rotates the patch inside , you can freely change the number !

Unlike conventional head covers, this is an original product developed by Yellow Lobster that makes it easy to see the club number, prevents loss, and above all, is fashionable.
Mission Olive
Mission Olive
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[yellow lobster] GREAT-NYLON TWILL FW head cover
[yellow lobster] GREAT-NYLON TWILL FW head cover Sale price¥18,700